Crime Prevention



Bicycle Registration
There are four easy steps to registering your bicycle at the Santa Fe Police Department:

1. Bring the bicycle to the police department located at 4925 Main Street (just behind City Hall).

2. Tell the Dispatcher on duty that you want to register your bike and he/she will have an officer meet you at the Police Station.

3. Give the officer your current home address, phone number and name of the bike's owner. The officer will complete the bicycle registration form that will include the above information as well as the serial number and a brief description of the bicycle.

4. The officer will issue a bicycle registration sticker that needs to be placed on the bicycle.

Home Inspections
The Santa Fe Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers a home inspection program that after completion will qualify you for a discount on your homeowners' insurance policy. The process is simply to contact the Santa Fe Police Department at 925-2000 and set up a time for the Officer to come to your home and complete a 15-20 minute inspection of the home. The inspection will cover the doors and windows and other openings of the home to assure that they comply with industry standards. The Officer will complete the proper inspection form and the homeowner mails this form to the Texas Department of Insurance for a rate discount. Please contact the Police Department for a detailed list of requirements needed.

H.E.A.T. Registration
H.E.A.T. stands for Help End Auto Theft; this program is a statewide effort by State and Local Police Department to reduce the amount of auto thefts in the state of Texas. By entering your vehicle into this program you give any law enforcement officer permission to stop your vehicle if it is seen operating the roadways between the hours of 1:00 am and 5:00 am or is attempting to cross the border and enter into Mexico. The process of entering your vehicle into this program is as simple as bringing the vehicle to the Santa Fe Police Department and having the Officer enter the car into the NCIC/TCIC computer as a H.E.A.T. vehicle. All you need to bring is your valid Texas Drivers License and proof of insurance. The Officer will fill out a simple form and issue a decal that will be placed on the registered vehicle.